Tasked to create a pool-side dwelling that complemented and extended the aesthetic of an existing home, HUGOH Property leveraged their design experience and fastidious attention to detail to bring their client's request to life.

To meet and surpass the client’s expectations for this build, HUGOH Property incorporated the clean lines of the existing home into the caban design and introduced curved windows and storage seats to create warmth and flow within the structure.

Manyana Cabana under construction

The clean lines and simplicity of this design bring to light the HUGOH Property teams’ dedication to immaculate detailing and fastidious attention to detail.

Side view of Manyana Cabana under construction

01. The existing home design is minimalistic - incorporating clean lines with a neutral colour palette.

“it’s the details you don’t see that make all the difference.”

Manyana Cabana detailed construction process
Internal view of concrete seat construction in Manyana Cabana

02. The new space continues the minimalist aesthetic yet with the introduction of some curved elements, warmth and a sense of flow abounds.

Manyana Cabana external view nearing completion

This project is nearing completion and HUGOH Property couldn’t be prouder of the construction process and of the tantalisingly near end result! The pool cabana will serve as a sanctuary outside of the main house for both parents and children to enjoy for years to come.