Involving significant infrastructure works and the installation of recycled products where possible, HUGOH Property oversaw the transformation of an existing underused building into a liveable and enjoyable space.

HUGOH Property were engaged as the head contractor to deliver the project which consisted of a new bathroom, kitchen and living area.

Bringing the existing shed up to BCA specifications included significant infrastructure works with sewer pod installation and the upgrade of all water and electrical services for the property.

The client’s preference for recycled products saw the team upgrade and install recycled doors, timber posts, timber benches, bath, bathroom sink and vanity.

Pre build view of Wallaga Lake House construction project

01. The existing shed did not adhere to minimum BCA specifications.

02. Internal areas were upgraded with a focus on sustainability.

Wallaga Lake House renovated dining space
Internal bathroom at Wallaga Lake House

03. Where possible, recycled and repurposed products where used throughout the renovation.

Wallaga Lake House renovated kitchen

The project has brought new life to an existing building in desperate need of an upgrade, creating a liveable space and peace of mind for the clients.